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The best and fully responsive web design for small local businesses

With simple site layouts, dynamic designs and easy to use background management systems - with full tutorials available - getting online has never been easier. The best website layouts are available for you with great award winning templates which are fully mobile compatible.

Creating high quality, competitive and professional websites for businesses, and making one page designs, is our speciality so if you are wondering how to launch your website today, keep things simple and ask us to help you.

Why having a business website is essential...

Studies show that 85% of all Internet users carry out research online before purchasing a service or product. This means, that if you're selling something and don't have a website you are missing out on an essential marketing tool that will put you in touch with potential customers on a daily basis, regardless of the industry you are operating within.

I understand this more than most as I am the Founder of numerous websites and online training tools, and am very active within the world of social media and marketing. This was when I first noticed a lot of small businesses getting frustrated about the lack of online services available to them as they were simply being priced out of the market. This is why SBW delivers professional, responsive and affordable websites just for small businesses.

Sarah Riley, owner of SBW


The mobile web is here...

...and more than 80% of all websites are not prepared for it!

Experts predict that by 2015, more visitors will be surfing the web by mobile devices that static computers, and this is backed up by research that shows web traffic generated by mobile devices is growing rapidly. 

However, about 80% of websites are not keeping up with this user trend and are not optimized for mobile devices. This gives you an opportunity to jump ahead of your competition by having a well designed and mobile-friendly website.

The advantages of using SBW:

Perfect for mobile devices
The website adapts to any screen size with a clever responsive design and is optimised for mobile devices like tables and smartphones automatically.

Search engines love them
Programmed according to the newest standards and optimized down to the last detail, the websites are very search engine friendly.

Fast and always available
Hosted in the Amazon Cloud, fast loading times, constant online accessibility and hourly backups are guaranteed.

Flexible and adaptable
With a user friendly content management interface you can edit and adjust your website whenever you wish with a simple website editor.

Built by a small business for small businesses
I understand the needs of small businesses, so you will always be able to contact me direct to discuss your project and will be given the right amount of support through every step of the process.


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Affordable web design, social media, web hosting, web content, search engine optimisation (SEO), training and much more.

A Responsive Design You Can Edit

Edit your mobile device friendly website whenever you like, even without prior experience, direct on the web.